85 days. 771 attendees. 18 submissions.
5 winning apps.

Juxt, Sprink.ly, Compost Denton, Energy Pal, and GridLock take top honors!

After 12 weeks of hard work, the NTx Apps Challenge awarded $80,000 to five teams of web entrepreneurs who created sustainability apps to address four key municipal growth challenges.

Water Conservation

Presented by Dallas Water Utilities


A web-app and smart sprinkler system that incorporates weather data, neighborhood water usage, and even municipal water restrictions to prevent overwatering of residential lawns. Developed by Michael Erdahl and Urmil Shah, both engineers at Texas Instruments.

Waste & Recycling

Presented by Dallas Sanitation Services Dept.

Compost Denton

A municipal composting service that uses a web-app for customer management, weight tracking of materials composted, route optimization for drivers, and environmental monitoring of compost piles. Created by Andrew Miller and Thomas Wild, Co-Founders of Compost Denton.

Smart Energy

Presented by Garrett Boone

Energy Pal

A mobile app for Android that displays real-time electricity usage to homeowners and allows users to track the electric usage of individual appliances. Developed by Ian Macalinao (Student at University of Texas at Dallas), Brandon Truong (Student at Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science), Dylan Macalinao (Student at School for the Talented and Gifted), and Adil Virani (Student at Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science).


Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Presented by The North Texas Commission


A mobile app for iOS that allows drivers of alternative fuel vehicles to find fueling stations, parking spaces, and other points of interest along their route, and share this information with other app users. Developed by: Gerard Matthew, Priyanka Sharma, and Harish Upadhyayula.

The Internet of Things

Presented by Gemalto


A smart traffic light network that adjusts traffic light schedules to optimize traffic flow, through real-time monitoring and analysis of traffic conditions. Developed by Zedd Mekhaiel and James Staud.


A three month innovation competition to make North Texas more livable and sustainable

North Texas has a lot to be proud of. Home to over 6.5 million residents, more than 30 colleges and universities, and the headquarters of 18 Fortune 500 companies, it's no wonder that North Texas is one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

Because of our tremendous assets, our region's population is going to grow by 6 million people over the next 50 years. These new North Texans will bring with them new opportunities—and new challenges. 

Introducing the NTx Apps Challenge—an innovation competition to develop apps that solve regional challenges such as water conservation and waste management. This summer, teams will compete to create the best apps in various “Challenge Verticals,” with $80k in prizes for the best submissions.

It's time we roll up our sleeves and help get our region ready for the next six million.

Calling all bright ideas